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Wealth Management

Our Wealth management activity provide financial advice in the field of family finances and provide knowledge, tools and correct habits in the field. We believe that developing skills for proper financial management is an essential tool that may contribute to every family.


We offer a personal process of learning and acquiring tools for informed financial behavior to control expenses and improve the financial situation. A guided process of learning, perceptual and behavioral change and acquiring tools for wise economic conduct in managing the household.


Our experts help families and individuals and provide them with a solution in the field of financial management, adapted to their needs and abilities. The financial advice we provide is personal and discreet.

The framework of the period of the process and the personal accompaniment we offer is for 3 months.


The Process:


Review and mapping of the current economic situation.

Planning realistic budget targets adapted to the economic situation.

Acquisition of tools for managing and controlling money in the present and in the future.

Making decisions to reduce debts and close the deficit.

Counseling in the family economy to preserve achievements.

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