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The war in Europe begun

Russia declared the start of the war and attacked on several fronts - from the sea to Odessa, from the mainland to eastern and northern Ukraine, in the air kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv, in response to US sanctions, with Putin saying that military action was necessary and accusing the US and its NATO partners of crossing a red line.

In response, Biden announced that Russia would be held accountable and that additional sanctions would be announced soon. Biden also said that "Russia will be responsible for the death and destruction that this attack will bring and the United States and its partners will respond in a unified and decisive manner."

With the outbreak of war, Putin is also hijacking the foreign exchange sector, the attack on Ukraine is driving investors away from the national currency by about 7% to 86 rubles per dollar.

Trading in Europe opened lower, the DAX is down about 4.90%, the FTSE is down 3.36% and the Russian RTSI index is down about 35%

U.S. futures are also sending sharp declines, the S&P 500 is down about 2.36%, the Nasdaq is down about 3%.

The VIX jumps to 31.02.

The price of Brent crude oil jumped 5.5% to trade at $99.50 per barrel after already touching $101 a barrel, the price of natural gas rising about 6% to $4.90.

In the crypto market, Bitcoin declines by about 9% to $34,720, ethereum declines by about 13.2% to $2330.

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