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CEO Talk: My own way

Updated: Jun 28


For those who do not know me, my name is Daniel Asoulin, Founder and Owner of DAFinances from Israel. I want to take the opportunity you here to talk with you about my own way in the capital markets.

Many people ask me how I started in the world of capital markets, how I operate routinely and whether money is really made as traders so I decided to tell a little about my way in the world:

I became interested in the capital market just before my military service in 2012, after wandering around the Internet and discovered the world of commerce and found the possibility of maximizing profits with large sums of money in the stock sector from anywhere in the world.

When my activity in the capital market began, you could say that I fell in love with this world, I knew this is what I want to learn and that's what I want to do in my whole life. So I studied 2 degrees (Bachelor's & Master's) in Finance, Investment and Capital markets, worked in the leading investment houses in Israel and eventually started my self-employed career.

So what does it actually mean to be a trader? In terms of the agenda, this means that at the beginning of trading go through all the economic news sites, to examine if there is something relevant towards my positions in the portfolio and if something should be changed, following some publication, as well as to track new stocks. When I am interested in opening a new position on an asset that I am not familiar with its behavior, I am forced to follow it to understand what I am entering and how the property behaves during trading, I have built files that over time are getting better and better so that I can better analyze and draw more accurate conclusions about investments and perform in-depth analysis for the report data and graph analysis.

I combine technical and fundamental analysis to schedule entry and transaction management, the differences between them are great. A trader based solely on fundamental analysis, usually looking for market failures and situations in which the market prices too high or too low the asset, this usually characterizes investors who stick to the trend and a stable company that grows regularly. The technical analysts, on the other hand, will always follow the trend and wait patiently for the right timing for their strategy to join the transaction. Bottom line: I think a good trader knows how to cross-referencing fundamental analysis with technical analysis and news.

As you may have realized to be a beginner trader it requires hard work and time, whoever really learns, invests and manages his portfolio as running a business - will know how to earn additional income safely every month, but those who seek to profit from day one without the necessary knowledge, guidance and experience make the wonderful world called the capital market nothing less than a casino.

So if you are interested in the world of capital markets, you are welcome to join us and learn how to work correctly in independent stock trading.

Best Regards,

Daniel Asoulin,

Founder | DAFinances

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