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Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fell sharply over the weekend

Over a 24-hour period, the price of Bitcoin dropped from about $57,000 to $47,000, and lost $10,000, more than 17%.

The price of Ethereum also plunged to a low of nearly $3,500. Ether, the world's second-largest digital currency by market capitalization, lost more than 16%.

Both cryptocurrencies have experienced turbulent trading since the rise of the Ocron coronavirus variant and with them the stock markets.

The cryptocurrency began to fall as stocks retreated and investors fled, lowering the 10-year yield to a lower bar. Technology stocks were among the biggest losers on Wall Street on Friday, with Tesla shedding 6%, Envidia shedding 4.46% and New Shedding 11%.

In addition, the World Health Organization said on Friday that the coronavirus version - the ocron , was discovered in 38 countries, compared with 23 a few days ago, with early data indicating that the strain is more contagious than Delta.

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