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Stock Market Course

The course is written according to our unique method and has the relevant tools for a beginner and experienced trader in the world of capital market. The course is for 2 Months with 8 Online Meetings in which we will repeat the material studied independently according to the lecturer's objectives and refine the important points for the continuation. 

As part of the course subjects
Based of the Capital Market 
Types of investors and how they work
Swing Trading Tools
Day trading 
Long-term investments
Analyzes and graphic patterns
Trading strategies
Technical analysis, indicators and other tools
Fundamental analysis
Trading and transaction management orders
Risk Management
Mental preparation for the trading phase

The lecturer's availability for WhatsApp questions during the study 
Excel file for managing the investment portfolio 
Trader notebook with useful information for the course of trading 

and most importantly 
One-on-One Online Meetings for Two Months
Learn how to Analyze your own portfolio 

Trader Notebook

Are you also tired of always going back to the study materials or searching for information on the Internet just to verify a graphic pattern? It's time to stop wasting important time on searches, every trader should have a notebook with data and templates at the trading stage. So here it comes, Our notebook is available

Our Notebook includes
Graphic Patterns and explanations 
CandleSticks patterns
Financial Ratios and Explanations 
Useful formulas for trading
Empty templates to Analyze transactions
Empty templates for trading Diary 
Useful information for traders 

Notebook size: A5


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