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DAFinances specializes in the Real estate and Financial Industries:


- Has an extensive network of connections in the Financial Industry.

- Has more than 10 years experience in the U.S. markets and Real Estate Industry.

- Linked to experts in Banking, Real estate and Capital markets Sectors.


The Founder, Daniel Asoulin, is a Private-Investor, Realtor and Financial Analyst with more than 10 years experience in the Real Estate and Financial Industries, have a Master's degree in Finance, Investments and Financial Management.

Daniel has a lot of experience in the private and institutional sectors. On his Resume, Daniel worked in a few Areas and Sectors as a Real Estate Agent, Managed the investments portfolio for Ruppin academic College, Have a Trading floor experience, Managed institutional clients Relations and Transferred mutual funds reform in one of the biggest Israeli Investments House.

At the same time, Daniel volunteer at Paamonim Association, which accompanies families in financial distress and helps them improve their financial status and get out of the situation.


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